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Startup Blueprint Canvas

Startup Blueprint
Canvas Services
for pre-launch entrepreneurs and startups.
This is the only business canvas model designed to help inexperienced entrepreneurs develop good ideas into successful market-ready businesses. First time entrepreneur and startups fail because they don't know all that they need to know to start a successful new business.  Our Startup Blueprint Canvas guides them through the process with an easy to use, self teaching, step-by-step mode that saves them a lot of time and money.
Premium Services
More advanced, or better funded, startups may be interested in our advanced training, consulting, and support options to speed up and smooth out the pre-launch startup process. We also offer a premium online canvas subscription services with advanced tools, templates, and other resources needed to develop, test, and validate new a business to avoid critical mistakes and provide the best possible opportunities for success.
Online Resources
Enhanced and Premium versions of the Startup Blueprint will have a selection of resources available. These will include additional instructions, how-to videos, tips and tricks, advice, worksheets and templates, glossaries, and search terms to help find critical tools, information and data related to create an accurate, viable, and complete model that helps you understand how to run and manage your business efficiently..

Startup Blueprint  Public Canvas Images
Biz Concet Canvas
Biz Concet Canvas
Biz Design Canvas
Biz Design Canvas
Pre Launch Validation Canvas
Pre Launch Validation Canvas
Top 10 Reasons Starups Fail
Top 10 Reasons Starups Fail
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