Innoception Accelerator

A Virtual Accelerator for first-time entrepreneurs and startups.

Too many startups fail - wasting a lot of time and money in the process.

We can fix that.
INNOCEPTION:  Where Innovative Concepts are Born and Nurtured.

Working with SCORE to help pre-launch entrepreneurs achieve success.
Entrepreneur Starting Point Meetup Group: We sponsor the ESP Meetup for new entrepreneurs by providing access to the free Startup Blueprint Canvas, mentors, training, and essential resources.
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DUKs: (Did U Know items) - Information about  Innoception Accelerator events, startup news, job openings, vetted referrals, and other things that entrepreneurs should know about. This feature will  be active soon..     
Startup Blueprint CanvasA unique new business canvas model that helps new and inexperienced entrepreneurs develop good ideas into profitable, successful startups - quickly and cost effectively.
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3 canvas modules that guide new startups from GOOD IDEA to MARKET READY.
We invented a new business canvas model just for pre-launch entrepreneurs.
Business Concept

Turn Ideas into Viable Concepts.

Develop good ideas into a viable, validated, and focused Concept as
the basis for a successful startup.
Business Design

Prepare the right Business Model.

Design the optimal business model and strategies based on your viable and validated Business Concept.
Pre-launch Validation

Ensure a Successful
Business Launch.

Test, validate, and optimize your products and services, including financial models, to ensure a successful market launch.


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Did U Know? (DUKs)

News of Interest
Introducing BML mentoring. Need in depth advice or support on starting a new business, but can't afford, or don't trust, expensive consultants?. Consider BML mentoring. Read our BML blog for more information.

Startup Blueprint training video playlists are being developed for SCORE users on our new Innoception Accelerator YouTube channel.  These are short (less than 4 minute) Tips &Tricks videos on how to use specific features of the free Public Startup Blueprint Concept Canvas module quickly and efficiently.

Upcoming Events
Salt Lake City SCORE is adopting the free version of our Startup Blueprint Canvas for use by pre-launch and early stage entrepreneurs and startups. We will provide three free 3 week webinar training programs for SCORE this year to help new pre-revenue startups achieve successful business launches.

Another 5 week webinar program is scheduled for Entrepreneur Starting Point members starting on Saturday, June 16th. The registration fee for members is up to you: either Free, or donate $1, $10, $25, or $50. Your choice. See the link below for details.

Help Wanted
Innoception Accelerator Positions:
Webmaster/developer with server side skills (PHP, etc.) to install and test new software on Innoception servers. Concrete5 experience desired.
Presenters/Mentors/Co-hosts for the Entrepreneur Starting Point meetup group.  Skills for developing webinars, videos, and presentation graphics also needed.
Business Author/Writer to help develop definitive books and articles about our unique and game-changing Blueprint Business Canvas models.

Web Services for Startups
We will be offering some very good deals on cost effective DIY websites and hosting services for startups. We are looking for a webmaster to run this business as an affiliate, and to provide custom web services as these startups grow and need more complex features.

Meanwhile, if you need a good quality free or  inexpensive websile we highly suggest trying We are testing the free strikingly website version with links from this website (see our Blog page for example). Awesome websites are now simple and no special skills are required!