Introduction to Fervo Energy - a next-generation

geothermal development company

Fervo is applying proven technologies from the unconventional oil and gas sector, such as horizontal drilling, multistage completions, and fiber optic diagnostics, to improve reservoir performance and lower the cost of geothermal energy. Over the last several years, we have deployed our technology at the field-scale through multiple pilot projects, including a commercial-scale demonstration project in northern Nevada. In this talk, I will review some of the key results from these field trials, and I will discuss opportunities for transferring technology innovations and lessons learned between the geothermal industry and the Utah FORGE project. In addition, I will highlight several recent trends in western US power markets that are driving tremendous growth opportunities for the geothermal industry.

Tuesday October 11 at 9:30 am Mountain time. Registration required.

Please welcome our inaugural speaker Jack Norbeck of Fervo Energy.

Dr. Jack Norbeck is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Fervo Energy, where he leads exploration and production activities. He is a geothermal reservoir engineer, with a focus on numerical reservoir simulation, geomechanics, and induced seismicity. Prior to Fervo Energy, Dr. Norbeck was a Mendehall Postdoctoral Fellow at the US Geological Survey. He holds a BS degree in civil engineering from University of Colorado, a MS degree in civil engineering from Colorado School of Mines, and a PhD degree in energy resources engineering from Stanford University. He was President of the SPE Student Chapter at Stanford University from 2014-2015.