Dr. Joseph Moore

Managing PI jmoore@egi.utah.edu Dr. Moore will serve on the PMT as the Managing PI. Dr. Moore has participated in DOE projects since the mid-1970s. He holds appointments at the University of Utah as a Research Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and as an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Geology and Geophysics. Dr. Moore currently serves as the Managing PI, with Co-PI Dr. McLennan on the Raft River EGS project “Concept Testing and Development at the successful Raft River Geothermal Field, Idaho”. Dr. Moore has also actively participated in both the Coso and Desert Peak EGS projects. His expertise is in the geology, hydrothermal alteration and geochemistry of geothermal systems and in the development of conceptual models based on geoscientific data. He has published more than 150 reports and articles on his investigations. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Geothermal Resources Council and the Geothermal Energy Association Technical Board. .

Dr. Rick Allis

Lead Environmental, Permitting & Outreach rickallis@utah.gov Dr. Rick Allis will serve on the PMT as the Technical Lead of Environmental, Permitting and Outreach activities. He has been the Director and State Geologist of the Utah Geological Survey since 2000, and during this time has managed a staff of between about 70 and 100, and an annual budget that is typically close to $10 million, but this rose to $30 million for two years when State Energy Program administered funds from American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Dr. Allis has extensive geothermal experience, having previously worked on geothermal systems in the Basin and Range (UT and NV), Indonesia, and The Geysers (CA) while a Research Professor at EGI (University of Utah) between 1997 and 2000. Between 1977 and 1997 he worked for New Zealand geoscience organizations and was involved in many geothermal and oil and gas projects in New Zealand, Papua-New Guinea, Indonesia, Japan and Vietnam. During this time he spent 18 months as a visiting scientist at the Geology and Geophysics Department of the University of Utah on a Fulbright scholarship working on geothermal topics. Dr. Allis is a licensed geologist and serves on Utah’s Division of Professional Licensing Board for Professional Geologists. He has an Adjunct Research Professor position with the Department of Geology and Geophysics at the University of Utah. .

Dr. Philip Wannamaker

Lead Resource Characterization pewanna@egi.utah.edu Dr. Wannamaker will serve on the PMT as the Technical Lead for Resource Characterization and as the Technical Lead on Electrical Resistivity studies. He is a Research Professor in the College of Engineering at the University of Utah. His primary area of professional interest is in the application of electrical resistivity models to geothermal resources, mineral deposits and global tectonism. Dr. Wannamaker has been a lead scientist for integrative magnetotelluric (MT) studies of numerous geothermal systems in extensional and subduction environments such as Long Valley, Dixie Valley, McGinness Hills, Coso, Kamojang and Lahendong. He also has been principal investigator for studies of orogenic/volcanic systems such as the Great Basin-Colorado Plateau transition, the Juan de Fuca subduction regime, the Southern Appalachians and New Zealand South Island transpressional orogens, and the Central Transantartic Mountains and Mount Erebus of Antarctica. He was Chair of the Earthscope/IRIS Electromagnetic Working Group (EMWoG) and General Co-Chair of the Second Quadrennial Symposium on Three-Dimensional Electromagnetics (3DEM-II). He serves as Trustee and Treasurer of the Gerald W. Hohmann Memorial Trust and is a Fellow of the Geological Society of America. .

Dr. John McLennan

Lead Reservoir Management jmclennan@egi.utah.edu Dr. McLennan will serve as a Co-PI on the PMT and as the Technical Lead for Resource Management activities. He holds appointments as an Associate Professor in the Dept. of Chemical Engineering at the University of Utah, where he teaches courses Petroleum Engineering and Fluid Mechanics courses, an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and a Senior Research Scientist at EGI. Dr. McLennan is Co-PI of the Raft River EGS project. Prior to joining the University of Utah in 2008, Dr. McLennan had 27 years experience in geomechanics with petroleum service and technology Companies, including TerraTek (now TerraTek, A Schlumberger Company), where he served as Vice President managing core analysis and rock mechanic investigations. He is the current President of the American Rock Mechanics Association.