About Us

What We Are

The Utah FORGE project is an international field laboratory that is managed by the Energy & Geoscience Institute at the University of Utah, and sponsored by the Department of Energy. It has been designed to develop, test and optimize the methods and techniques required to create, sustain and monitor enhanced geothermal systems resources. The aim is to establish rigorous, reproducible solutions that make geothermal energy possible anywhere in the world.

U.S. map showing geothermal hot spots and the Utah FORGE location
Utah FORGE well 16a drill rig at sunset.


  • Provides an underground laboratory for developing, testing, and de-risking innovative tools and stimulation techniques for developing enhanced geothermal system reservoirs
  • Extends existing technologies developed for oil and gas beyond current capabilities to successfully produce electricity from hot crystalline rocks
  • Demonstrates technologies that can be applied across the world
  • Provides domestic and international scientists and students with funds for research to expand future energy security and availability
  • Demonstrates suitability and safety of large-scale geothermal energy development to the public


The Utah FORGE site is on private land close to major paved roads, graded dirt roads, an airport, and a rail line. It is accessible year round, with infrequent rain or snow fall. Lodging and eating establishments are available 16 km (10 mi) away in Milford, or in the larger community of Beaver, Utah, located 50 km (31 mi) further and adjacent to Interstate I–15. Beaver is a 3 hour, 320 km (200 mi) drive from Salt Lake City. Milford is a small agricultural community with a population of 1400 people. The Milford Municipal Airport, located a few miles north of town has a 1524 m (5000 ft) paved runway that can accommodate piston or turboprop single- or twin-engine planes. The area contains no state or federally protected flora, fauna, or historical sites.

Map of the Utah FORGE Research Laboratory Site

The Site

Take a short bird’s eye view flyover of the current layout of all 6 wells that have been drilled to date.

The Area

Visit the area by taking this guided geological field tour of Utah FORGE and the surrounding area.

Satellite view of the FORGE site area outlined with well location markings.