The University of Utah’s Energy and Geoscience Institute (EGI) is committed to creating a national laboratory to accelerate the development of enhanced geothermal technologies. EGI’s success will be dependent upon two interrelated factors: the suitability of the Milford site and our management team. The Milford site’s suitability is based on a range of characteristics that will allow for effective testing of EGS R&D concepts from across the nation. The team that we have assembled will create a collaborative platform for EGS R&D. This team is comprised of the nation’s best technical and R&D management leadership from the oil and gas and geothermal industry, R&D universities, national laboratories and energy technology companies. To enhance the capabilities and expand its reach, the EGI team will be supported by a Science and Technology Advisory Team composed of the leading experts in Enhanced Geothermal System development, reservoir stimulation and the DOE.
Dr. Joseph Moore

Dr. Joseph Moore

Managing PI
Dr. Moore will serve as the Managing PI. Dr. Moore has participated in DOE projects since the mid-1970s. more>

Dr. Kristine Pankow

Seismic Monitoring Coordinator
Dr. Pankow serves as the Technical Expert on Seismic Monitoring and Imaging. more>

Dr. Stuart Simmons

Technical Expert on Geology and Geochemistry
Dr. Stuart Simmons serves as the Technical Expert on Geology and Geochemistry. more>
Dr. John McLennan

Dr. John McLennan

Lead Reservoir Management
Dr. McLennan will serve as a Co-PI and as the Technical Lead for Resource Management activities. more>

Dr. Robert Podgorney

Technical Expert on Reservoir Modeling
Dr. Podgorney serves as the Technical Expert on Reservoir Modeling activities. more>