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Core curation sample request

Core curation sample request

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(1) Utah FORGE is funded by the Department of Energy (DOE) and exists to provide a long-term collaborative field site to develop and validate new knowledge and technology to improve EGS technology. We encourage the participation of users in all aspects of data collection, analysis, and interpretation. We are responsible for archival storage and curation of all geomaterials studied and analyzed.

(2) We expect that all users will contribute and share results (methods, data, results, interpretations) with the geothermal community via the Geothermal Data Repository (GDR). In addition, you agree to notifying Utah FORGE of all datasets released to GDR. Advance sharing of results and data with Utah FORGE maybe explicitly required depending on the nature of the analyses or project.

(3) It is expected that users will publish all interpretable data acquired at Utah FORGE in peer-reviewed publications in a timely manner. Past publication record is taken into account when we prioritize the scheduling of sample access. If there are reasons that preclude publication of results, these must be disclosed when access to Utah FORGE materials is requested.

(4) Because almost every data¬set is unique, we require all manuscripts containing data collected from this facility to be reviewed by the Utah FORGE team prior to submission to ensure that the data produced have been reliably reduced and that experimental methods are clearly and accurately reported. In no way will Utah FORGE restrict publication.

(5) While not required, it is appropriate to include Utah FORGE personnel as co-authors for manuscripts in situations where they have made significant scientific contributions to the acquisition and interpretation of data or provided significant unpublished discussions, interpretations and framework that enhances the publication.

(6) Funding support from DOE should be explicitly mentioned in the acknowledgements section using the appropriate version of the following sentence: Utah FORGE, which is funded by the the US Department of Energy, provided samples, data, technical support, and/or scientific guidance for acquiring data presented in this paper.

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