The video Energy Success Stories: Discovering Utah's Geothermal Potential  is the first of the 4-video series created by the Office of Energy Development (GOED) featuring the Utah FORGE project.

Video 1 of 4 FORGING' New Geothermal Technologies: Part One is the introduction to the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) FORGE program to develop an innovative underground geothermal laboratory near Milford, UT.

Video 2 of 4 FORGE: Exploring Utah's Potential for Enhanced Geothermal Systems - Part Two explores the technology behind enhanced geothermal systems, and the State's leadership on discovering Utah's potential for driving this innovation forward.

Video 3 of 4 Unearthing the Utah FORGE Site’s Data follows the awardee of the $140 Mln grant, the UtahFORGE team at the University of Utah

Video 4 of 4 - FORGEing into the future presents the year in review since the grant was awarded to the University of Utah and the vision of FORGE for the future of gethermal energy development