Designed and created by Dr. Butterfield and his outreach team, the modules display key scientific principles behind the Utah FORGE project. These hands-on teaching modules educate scientific concepts at an easier and more friendly level to students and the general publics to understand. These modules include detailed instructions for K-12 educators, along with curricular ties, and assessment tools.

Thermoelectric Human Power

The temperature difference between human hands and cold water or ice is used to create electricity and demonstrate the use of a temperature difference to extract usable energy.

Turbine Electric Generator

As a turbine is made to spin, be it from flowing steam in a coal or geothermal power plant, or from wind turning a wind turbine, it generates electricity for our homes and businesses. In this module, you will use the power of your lungs to turn a turbine and create electricity.

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Graphics are designed and created by the outreach and communication team at Utah FORGE to offer visual elements for effective communication about our project. These graphics are aimed to reach and help audiences in the public to better understand the progress and goals of the Utah FORGE project at an easier level.

Project Overview

This short animated clip skims through the goals and key missions of the Utah FORGE project taking place at Milford, Utah. The clip briefly shows the steps our project will take on next couple of years from drilling of the two wells, creating underground reservoir, and producing hot water from the geothermal heat at the FORGE Site.


Geoscience Webinars

The geoscience of Utah FORGE sets the geological scene to DOE's flagship geothermal field laboratory that has been established to make significant advances in EGS technologies. The webinars covers the basin architecture, rock types, fault/fracture patterns, thermal structure, fluid flow, geochemistry, and the datasets and resources that are available from the Utah FORGE website.

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How an Enhanced Geothermal System Works

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