The Utah FORGE site is on private land close to major paved roads, graded dirt roads, an airport, and a rail line. It is accessible year round, with infrequent rain or snow fall. The Utah FORGE project team is comprised of the nation’s best technical and R&D management leadership from the oil and gas and geothermal industries.

What We AreMeet the Research Team

Research News

Stay current on what’s happening with the Utah FORGE project. We frequently post updates on our blog and social media channels.

Project Resources

Check out the Utah FORGE Wiki pages to find details and history as well as data the project has produced.

Numerical Modeling

Developed to estimate the spatial distribution of native state pressure, temperature, and stress conditions.

Earth Model 3D Viewer

The Utah FORGE team developed a comprehensive earth model of the Milford Site and surrounding area using Leapfrog Geothermal.

M&S Updates

Modeling and Simulation Community Updates: serves as a means to communicate our role in the research and development of the Utah FORGE site.

Solicitations / R&D

The Utah FORGE project offers solicitations to facilitate and spur transformative EGS research across the geothermal community, culminating in a set of rigorous and reproducible EGS technical solutions and a pathway to commercial EGS development.

Seismic Monitoring

Induced microseismicity, comprising ultra-low-magnitude earthquake events which are imperceptible at the surface, is an important focus of research at Utah FORGE.

The Geoscience

Watch an overview of the geological setting and the range of geoscience datasets that have been acquired.

ArcGIS Interactive Map

Geoscientific ArcGIS interactive map, provided by the Utah Department of Natural Resources Geological Survey


Browse articles and publications produced by the Utah FORGE project team, including research data and findings.

Sample Curation

Rock samples that have been collected during the drilling of wells at Utah FORGE are available for research purposes.