2019 Publications

Utah Geological Survey Bulletin:

The area around the FORGE site is among the most intensely studied portions of the Basin and Range. In support of the FORGE project, a significant amount of new information has been collected. The results of these studies will be of use to scientists investigating a broad range of geological, geochemical, geophysical topics as well as those interested in EGS development. The Utah Geological Survey volunteered to produce publication that captured the results of research at the Utah FORGE site during Phase 2B, 2018.  Fourteen papers have been contributed to this special publication. Link


  • Aleta FINNILA, Bryan FORBES, Robert PODGORNEY. "Building and Utilizing a Discrete Fracture Network Model of the FORGE Utah Site". Link
  • Amirhossein KAMALI, Ahmad GHASSEMI, John MCLENNAN, Joseph MOORE. "Analysis of Forge DFIT Considering Hydraulic and Natural Fracture Interactions". Link
  • Dharmendra KUMAR, Ahmad GHASSEMI. "Multistage Hydraulic Fracturing of EGS with Application to Forge". Link
  • Robert MELLORS, Christopher SHERMAN, Pengcheng FU, John MCLENNAN, Joseph MORRIS, Frederick RYERSON, and Christina MORENCY. "Potential Use of Distributed Acoustic Sensors to Monitor Fractures and Micro-seismicity at the FORGE EGS Site". Link
  • Joseph MOORE, John McLENNAN, Rick ALLIS, Kristine PANKOW, Stuart SIMMONS, Robert PODGORNEY, Philip WANNAMAKER, William RICKARD. "The Utah Frontier Observatory for Research in Geothermal Energy (FORGE): an International Laboratory for Enhanced Geothermal System Technology Development". Link
  • Siavash NADIMI, Bryan FORBES, Joseph MOORE, Zhi YE, Ahmad GHASSEMI, and John MCLENNAN. "Experimental Evaluation of Effect of Hydro-Shearing on Fracture Conductivity at the Utah FORGE Site". Link
  • Robert PODGORNEY, Aleta FINNILA, John MCLENNAN, Ahmad GHASSEMI, Hai HUNAG, Bryan FORBES, Janina Elliott. "A Framework for Modeling and Simulation of the Utah FORGE Site". Link
  • William M. RICKARD, John MCLENNAN, Nasikul ISLAM, Ernesto RIVAS. "Mechanical Specific Energy Analysis of the FORGE Utah Well". Link
  • Stuart SIMMONS, Stefan KIRBY, John BARTLEY, Clay JONES, Emily KLEBER, Tyler KNUDSEN, John MILLER, Kristen RAHILLY, John McLENNAN, Tobias FISCHER, Joseph MOORE, Rick ALLIS. "Update on the Geological and Geochemical Understanding of the Utah FORGE Site". Link


2018 Publications

  • Rick Allis, Mark Gwynn, Christian Hardwick, and Joseph Moore.  The Challenge of Correcting Bottom-Hole Temperatures – an Example from FORGE 58-32, Near Milford, Utah. Link to the full paper.
  • Ozgur Balamir, Ernesto Rivas, William M. Rickard, John McLennan, Mary Mann, and Joseph Moore.  Utah FORGE Reservoir: Drilling Results of Deep Characterization and Monitoring Well 58-32. Link to the full paper.
  • Stuart F. Simmons, Joseph Moore, Rick Allis, Stefan Kirby, Clay Jones, John Bartley, Emily Kleber, Tyler Knudsen, John Miller, Christian Hardwick, Kristen Rahilly, Mark Gwynn, John McLennan, Bryan Forbes, Rob Podgorney, Kris Pankow, Phil Wannamaker and Tobias Fischer.  A revised geoscientific model for FORGE Utah EGS Laboratory. Link to the full paper.
  • Stuart F. Simmons, Stefan Kirby, Rick Allis, Joe Moore, and Tobias Fischer. Update on Production Chemistry of the Roosevelt Hot Springs Reservoir. Link to the full paper.

2017 Publications: