Word of the Week – District Heating

District heating

A scheme for distributing centrally produced thermal energy via a network of pipes to heat residential and commercial buildings. Such schemes are energy efficient and ideally suited for utilizing geothermal resources.

Word of the Week – PDC Bit

PDC bit

A drill bit used for drilling rock in oil, gas and geothermal wells. PDC stands for polycrystalline diamond compacts, which are inserted as cutters in substitute of hardened metal teeth typical of roller cone bits.

Word of the Week – Enhanced Geothermal System

Enhanced Geothermal System

unconventional geothermal resources that contain heat similar to conventional hydrothermal resources but lack the necessary groundwater and/or rock characteristics (e.g., permeability) to enable energy extraction without stimulation.

Word of the Week – Direct Use

Direct use

The utilization of geothermal heat as an energy resource, e.g., to heat (or cool) a building such as a greenhouse, for drying, for manufacturing.

Word of the Week – Stimulation


An operation carried out on a well that increases production or injection by improving the flow characteristics of the reservoir and enhancing the flow between the reservoir and the wellbore

Word of the Week – Hot Springs

Hot spring

Natural flow of hot water representing the surface expression of a hydrothermal system and a sign of a potential geothermal energy resource.