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Utah FORGE is a dedicated underground field laboratory sponsored by the Department of Energy (DOE) for developing, testing, and accelerating breakthroughs in Enhanced Geothermal Systems technologies to advance the uptake of geothermal resources around the world.

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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

… a Māori land organization uses geothermal power generation to improve energy sovereignty and sustainability efforts?

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Cutting Edge Research
and Drilling Technology

Our mission is to enable cutting-edge research and drilling and technology testing, as well as to allow scientists to identify a replicable, commercial pathway to EGS. In addition to the site itself, the FORGE effort includes a robust instrumentation, data collection, and data dissemination component to capture and share data and activities occurring at FORGE in real time. The innovative research, coupled with an equally-innovative collaboration and management platform, is truly a first of its kind endeavor.

Utah FORGE well 16A rig

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The field laboratory comprises a large volume of hot crystalline granite between two deep directionally drilled wells at around 8000 feet depth below the surface. On site facilities include water, power, offices, broadband internet, which will be required for drilling, stimulation, and injection-production activities. The facility is managed by a multi-disciplinary team of engineers and scientists led by the University of Utah. Partner institutions include universities, national labs, federal and state funded institutions, and private industry.

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R&D Opportunities

Through this project, DOE endeavors to facilitate and spur transformative EGS research across the geothermal community, with Utah FORGE at the center, culminating in a set of rigorous and reproducible EGS technical solutions and a pathway to commercial EGS development.

R&D Projects

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Community Outreach

Utah FORGE is dedicated to informing and educating in order to prepare tomorrow’s geothermal workforce through outreach and education of teachers, students, and the public.

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