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Utah FORGE is a dedicated underground field laboratory sponsored by the Department of Energy (DOE) for developing, testing, and accelerating breakthroughs in Enhanced Geothermal Systems technologies to advance the uptake of geothermal resources around the world. It is located near the town of Milford in Beaver County, Utah, on the western flank of the Mineral Mountains. Near term goals are aimed at perfecting drilling, stimulation, injection-production, and subsurface imaging technologies required to establish and sustain continuous fluid flow and energy transfer from an EGS reservoir.


Utah FORGE Year 2022 Success Story

Watch the successful hydraulic stimulation of the deep deviated well 16A(78)-32 and deployment of seismic monitoring tools at the Utah FORGE site in the spring of 2022. Presented by Dr. Joseph Moore (PI) and Dr. John McLennan (Co-PI) and team.

Drilling into the geothermal future

Watch the success story of drilling the first deep deviated well 16A(78)-32 in winter of 2021. Presented by Dr. Joseph Moore (PI) and Dr. John McLennan (Co-PI)

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