Utah FORGE is a Department of Energy-funded geothermal research project dedicated to advancing enhanced geothermal system (EGS) technologies and committed to increasing overall geothermal understanding.

Lesson Plans

Dedicated to informing and educating of teachers, students, and the public about geothermal energy, we have partnered with our colleagues at the University of Utah College of Education to create a curriculum that can be used in K-12 classrooms. The following lessons plans and student handouts were developed by Tamara Young.

Utah SEEd Standard ESS.4.3, Next Generation Science Standard: HS-ESS3-2

Utah SEEd Standard ESS.4.3, Next Generation Science Standard: HS-ESS3-2

Lesson Plan: Design, build, and refine a device that works within given constraints to convert one form of energy into another form of energy.

Utah SEEd Standard PHYS.2.4, Next Generation Science Standard: HS-PS3-3

Lesson Plan: Transfer of thermal energy

Utah SEEd Standard PHYS.2.2, Next Generation Science Standard: HS-PS3-4

Lesson Plan: Design a method to change the rate of heat transfer

Utah SEEd Standard 6.2.4,
Next Generation Science Standard: MS-PS3-3

Explaining the uneven distribution of the earth's natural resources

Utah SEEd Standard 8.4.1,
Next Generation Science Standard: MS-ESS3-1

Learning Modules

The University of Utah’s Department of Chemical Engineering has developed various hands-on learning modules that can be easily replicated in the classroom. Designed and created by Dr. Tony Butterfield and his outreach team, the modules display key scientific principles behind the Utah FORGE project. These hands-on teaching modules help explain scientific concepts and include detailed instructions for K-12 educators, along with curricular ties, and assessment tools.

STEM Fest demonstration of thermoelectric human power.

Thermoelectric Human Power

The temperature difference between human hands and cold water or ice is used to create electricity and demonstrate the use of a temperature difference to extract usable energy.  View Module

Turbine Electric Generator

As a turbine is made to spin, be it from flowing steam in a coal or geothermal power plant, or from wind turning a wind turbine, it generates electricity for our homes and businesses. In this module, you will use the power of your lungs to turn a turbine and create electricity.  View Module

And More!

Browse a collection of teaching modules tailored for both undergraduate and K12 STEM education, created by the Chemical Engineering Lab

Other Resources


Geoscience Webinars

The geoscience of Utah FORGE sets the geological scene to DOE’s flagship geothermal field laboratory that has been established to make significant advances in EGS technologies. The webinars cover the basin architecture, rock types, fault/fracture patterns, thermal structure, fluid flow, geochemistry, and the datasets and resources that are available from the Utah FORGE website.

Geothermal Glossary