Word of the Week – District Heating

District heating

A scheme for distributing centrally produced thermal energy via a network of pipes to heat residential and commercial buildings. Such schemes are energy efficient and ideally suited for utilizing geothermal resources.

Word of the Week – PDC Bit

PDC bit

A drill bit used for drilling rock in oil, gas and geothermal wells. PDC stands for polycrystalline diamond compacts, which are inserted as cutters in substitute of hardened metal teeth typical of roller cone bits.

Word of the Week – Steam-heated Water

Steam-heated water

A shallow formed water resulting from condensation of steam into groundwater accompanied by absorption of carbon dioxide to form a bicarbonate water or by absorption of H2S that oxidizes to sulfate to produce an acid-sulfate water.

Word of the Week – Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchanger

A system by which heat is transferred from one media (solid or fluid) to another with applications in heating and cooling. They are used in geothermal binary power plants and cooling towers.

Word of the Week – Chlorite


A micaceous mineral that is commonly green-colored, composed of iron and/or magnesium, and forms due to hydrothermal alteration of amphiboles, pyroxenes, and feldspars.

Word of the Week – Breccia


Angular to sub-angular fragments of broken rock that are cemented together that are highly permeable and form on the surface due to sedimentary or igneous processes or in fault zones.

Word of the Week – Hydrothermal Eruption

Hydrothermal Eruption

Rare explosive discharge of hot water and steam that is powerful enough to excavate a crater and lift rock fragments and its pulverized equivalents into the air to produce an apron deposit around the eruption vent.