Utah FORGE Modeling & Simulation Forum #5

"Back Analysis of Injection Tests in Zone 2 on Well 58-32"

Presented by: Branko Damjanac (Itasca), Pengju Xing (University of Utah), and John McLennan (University of Utah)

October 28 at 11 am MDT

During Cycles 4 in Zone 2 on Well 58-32 water was injected at 5 bpm for 5 minutes. After approximately 20 hours of shut-in, Cycle 5 injection test was conducted at the same perforation cluster, again at 5 bpm for 5 minutes. The pressure histories after breakout exhibit generally increasing trends during injection. Interestingly, the pressures during Cycle 5 are greater than during Cycle 4.  The entire test, including Cycles 4 and 5, was back-analyzed using a fully coupled hydro-mechanical model with explicit representations of DFN of different levels of detail. The objective of the back analysis was to calibrate the model with respect to unknown and uncertain parameters and match the pressure histories, and in particular the increasing trends and greater pressures during Cycle 5.

This is the fifth forum of the series and is intended to have an open format to present modeling and simulation, both completed and planned, as well as activities being conducted by the Utah FORGE Team. This webinar has been recorded and is now available for viewing.

To follow along with the slides, the pdf of the presentation is available for download HERE