Project Management Team (PMT)

The University of Utah’s Energy and Geoscience Institute (EGI) is committed to creating a national laboratory to accelerate the development of enhanced geothermal technologies. EGI’s success will be dependent upon two interrelated factors: the suitability of the Milford site and our management team. The Milford site’s suitability is based on a range of characteristics that will allow for effective testing of EGS R&D concepts from across the nation. The team that we have assembled will create a collaborative platform for EGS R&D. This team is comprised of the nation’s best technical and R&D management leadership from the oil and gas and geothermal industry, R&D universities, national laboratories and energy technology companies. To enhance the capabilities and expand its reach, the EGI team will be supported by a Science and Technology Advisory Team composed of the leading experts in Enhanced Geothermal System development, reservoir stimulation and the DOE.

The Utah FORGE PMT oversees key technical and operational aspects of FORGE and is responsible for managing all financial aspects of the FORGE project. It is responsible for conceptualizing, planning and executing research and testing at the FORGE site through development of an Annual Operating Plan. By the nature of their roles on the TARMaC and R&D SC, members of the Utah FORGE PMT will coordinate with the STAT and GTO.



The STAT is the Science and Technology Analysis Team. The STAT is an integral part of the Frontier Observatory for Research in Geothermal Energy (FORGE).  FORGE is envisioned to be an international field laboratory managed by the University of Utah (Utah FORGE) for developing the technologies required for the creation, sustainability and monitoring of Enhanced Geothermal System (EGS) reservoirs.

The STAT shall advise, assist, support and plan research activities for the FORGE program.  STAT activities are expected to strengthen the technical rigor and raise scientific research potential of Utah FORGE.

The STAT will consist of up to 15 members and the Chair. The STAT’s primary charge is to provide overall technical guidance throughout Phases 2C and 3, and to ensure that DOE objectives are fully considered and incorporated into the execution of FORGE and associated R&D projects. Members of the STAT will be aligned with key technical areas of FORGE and are envisioned to be thought leaders in their respective fields.


The STAT will:

  • Design and make recommendations regarding the strategic direction of FORGE and provide guidance to the Utah FORGE Project Management Team (PMT)
  • Establish technical baselines and develop metrics for research and development success in accordance with GTO Roadmaps and goals
  • As requested, provide input on specific management and operational issues to the Utah FORGE PMT
  • Assess progress of FORGE research and development underway to feed into new research and development solicitations Develop topics for annual R&D solicitations and provide guidance for review and selection
  • Make award recommendations to the Research and Development Steering Committee
  • Provide input to an annual research and development report

The STAT will be assisted by an international subcommittee comprised of government officials or technical experts appointed by their nation’s government to serve in an ex officio role. Members of this subcommittee will attend open meetings of the STAT in a non-voting capacity

STAT members announcement


The TARMaC will be aligned with key technical areas of FORGE. The TARMaC’s primary responsibilities center on supporting the R&D solicitation development process, coordinating and performing reviews, and serving as technical monitors for external R&D.

Research and Development Steering Committee

The external R&D program will be managed by the R&D Steering Committee (R&D SC) working in concert with the Technical Analysis, Review, and Monitoring Committee (TARMaC) and the Science and Technology Analysis Team (STAT).

Geothermal Technologies Office

The GTO plays a leadership role in developing, planning and funding the FORGE program and external FORGE R&D. The Project Managers will assist in the development of R&D solicitations, ensure all DOE mandated requirements are captured and provide day-to-day support of the selected R&D projects.