Utah FORGE Modeling & Simulation Forum #11

"Ground acceleration modeling from potential induced seismicity"

Presented by: Chandrakanth Bolisetti (Idaho National Laboratory)

October 20, 2021 at 11 am MDT

Ground motions generated by induced seismicity is an important consideration and design factor for the development of enhanced geothermal systems (EGS) and operations. Typically, ground motions are estimated from empirically based ground motion prediction equations using a moment magnitude and a distance with factors to account for local site conditions and in some cases faulting style. Ground motions specific to a site, recorded or modeled, for the specific site conditions and fault geometries may better inform hazard and risk calculations. Here we demonstrate a deterministic calculation of ground motions from postulated moment magnitudes at the Utah FORGE site using source-to-site earthquake simulations using the finite-element method in the codes, FALCON and MASTODON, developed and maintained at the Idaho National Laboratory. Sample results are presented from these simulations and a plan for future work is discussed.

This is the 11th forum of the series and is intended to have an open format to present modeling and simulation, both completed and planned, as well as activities being conducted by the Utah FORGE Team.

This webinar has been recorded and is available for viewing.

To follow along with the slides, the pdf of the presentation is available for download HERE

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