The Utah FORGE Modeling and Simulation Forum has been created to serve as a means to communicate our role, as the Utah FORGE Modeling Team, in the research and development of the Utah FORGE site.  It is an open monthly meeting called the “Utah FORGE M&S Community Update” – a venue where the Utah FORGE modeling team and the modeling community can come together to discuss our efforts, successes, and challenges.

With the recent finalization and kickoff of the Solicitation 2020-1 awardee projects, the Utah FORGE Modeling and Simulation Community has greatly expanded!   Every so often we ask one or two research teams to give an update on their progress and discuss any issues they (or anyone else for that matter) may be having. It is a recurring monthly meeting held on every 3rd Wednesday of each month at 11 am MST. Meetings are recorded.

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Previous Forums, topics and recordings
DatesTopicPresenterRegistration LinkRecording
January 20, 2021Accessing Heat and Fluid Flow in Doublet Enhanced Geothermal System (EGS)Pranay Asai and Robert PodgorneyLINK
May 19, 2021An overview of Modeling and Simulation related to Utah FORGE research awardsRobert Podgorney LINK
July 21, 2021
Utah FORGE DFN model file availability on GDRAleta Finnila (Golder)LINK
August 18, 2021Microseismic monitoring and risk mitigation plan for the first Utah FORGE stimulations at the toe of 16A-32Ben Dyer (GeoEnergie Suisse)LINK
September 15, 2021Utah FORGE site field update and Utah FORGE 16A-78-32 stimulation modelingAleta Finnila (Golder) and Branko Damjanac (Itasca)/Pengju Xing (UofU)LINK
October 20, 2021Ground acceleration modeling from potential induced seismicityChandrakanth Bolisetti (INL)LINK
November 17, 2021Hybrid fracture/matrix modeling for well completion options evaluationLynn Munday and Somayajulu L. N. Dhulipala (INL)LINK
December 15th, 2021Impact of injection rate ramp-up on nucleation and arrest of dynamic fault slipFederico Ciardo (ETH-Zurich)LINK
January 19, 20222021 Utah FORGE modeling summary and 2022 look aheadRobert Podgorney (INL)LINK
DatesTopicPresenterRegistration LinkRecording
April 15, 2020Modeling and Simulation Forum: Introduction and OverviewRob Podgorney (INL)LINK
May 20, 2020Hydraulic Fracture Stimulation Patterns in the FORGE Reservoir Using Multiple Stochastic DFN Realizations and Variable Stress ConditionsAleta Finnila (Golder)LINK
June 17, 2020Injection Testing and Stress MeasurementsPengju Xing (EGI) & John McLennan (EGI)
PLEASE NOTE going forward the forums are moving to an every other month format
August 19, 2020Coupled Simulations of Well and Reservoir Thermal Hydraulics Rob Podgorney and David Andrs (INL)LINK
October 28, 2020Back-analysis of injection tests in zone 2 on well 58-32Branko Damjanac, Pengju Xing, John McLennanLINK

In support of the Forum, details on the reference earth and native state models can be found at the following links:

Earth Model

Numerical Modeling