This is intended to be an open Forum to present modeling and simulation, both completed and planned activities being conducted by the Utah FORGE Team.

Schedule and topics of webinars

DatesTopicPresenterRegistration LinkRecording
January 20, 2021
Accessing Heat and Fluid Flow in Doublet Enhanced Geothermal System (EGS)Pranay Asai and Rob PodgorneyLINK
May 19, 2021
An overview of Modeling and Simulation related to Utah FORGE Research AwardsRob Podgorney LINK

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Forums held in 2020
DatesTopicPresenterRegistration LinkRecording
April 15, 2020Modeling and Simulation Forum: Introduction and OverviewRob Podgorney (INL)LINK
May 20, 2020Hydraulic Fracture Stimulation Patterns in the FORGE Reservoir Using Multiple Stochastic DFN Realizations and Variable Stress ConditionsAleta Finnila (Golder)LINK
June 17, 2020Injection Testing and Stress MeasurementsPengju Xing (EGI) & John McLennan (EGI)
PLEASE NOTE going forward the forums are moving to an every other month format
August 19, 2020Coupled Simulations of Well and Reservoir Thermal Hydraulics Rob Podgorney and David Andrs (INL)LINK
October 28, 2020Back-analysis of injection tests in zone 2 on well 58-32Branko Damjanac, Pengju Xing, John McLennanLINK

In support of the Forum, details on the reference earth and native state models can be found at the following links:

Earth Model

Numerical Modeling